Tie Dye Tumbler Heaven Surprise Box

Daltex Tees and Maestra Creations are partnering up to get you the Tie Dye Tumbler Heaven Surprise Box!

The box will come with:

  • 1 surprise tumbler

  • Tie dyed item(could be a shirt, backpack, etc.)

  • Other fun small extras


You will receive your surprise box monthly based on a specific mystery theme. This is an $85 value which you will get for $50/month.

This is available when you join my tier 3 Maestra Creations VIP Group. Don’t want to join the group? You can purchase the box alone as well for the same price in the link below.

This is a monthly subscription offer. Registration will be from June 1-June 5 of every month. Boxes will ship on the 15th of every month. Cancel at any time. 


Mystery Box